eid-viewer library
Instance Methods
<eIDOSLayerUI> Protocol Reference

Protocol for implementing a UI. More...

#import <oslayer-objc.h>

Inherits <NSObject>.

Inherited by AppDelegate.

Instance Methods

(void) - newsrc:
 called by eid_vwr_ui_callbacks::newsrc()
(void) - newstringdata:withLabel:
 called by eid_vwr_ui_callbacks::newstringdata()
(void) - newbindata:withLabel:
 called by eid_vwr_ui_callbacks::newbindata()
(void) - log:withLevel:
 called by eid_vwr_ui_callbacks::log()
(void) - newstate:
 called by eid_vwr_ui_callbacks::newstate()
(void) - pinop_result:forOperation:
 called by eid_vwr_ui_callbacks::pinop_result()
(void) - readersFound:withSlotNumbers:
 called by eid_vwr_ui_callbacks::readers_changed()

Detailed Description

Protocol for implementing a UI.

See also
cbstruct for details on what each method does; these methods are straightforward C-to-ObjC translations

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